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In 1992, after obtaining the proper authorization from the DNPM-National Department of Mineral Production, Água Mineral Cristal started its activities with the exploration of the Serras Gerais Aquifer, for the extraction of one of the best waters in Brazil. Installed in the quiet and charming town of Águas de Santa Bárbara Hydromineral Resort in the state of São Paulo, occupying an area of ​​more than 5,000 m², Cristal over the years has been increasing and modernizing its facilities, where it currently has a built-up area of more of 4,000 m², with modern equipment and high production, which guarantees you products with high quality and efficiency. The Crystal Mineral Water, which is the only one from the true Fonte Santa Bárbara, uses a strict quality control, through periodic internal and external analyses, guaranteeing its consumer a product with safety and quality.

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Physical-chemical Characteristics
Ph at 25°C- 6,65
Water temperature at source: 22,5°C
Electrical conductivity at 25° - 203 uS/cm
Evaporation residue at 180°C calculated – 141,92 mg/l
Analysis N° 663/LAMIN/CPRM-SP - of 10/17/2019

Calcium - 18,600

Indicated for the growth and formation of bones. It helps to consolidate fractures and has a diuretic action. Drinking water with meals prevents the formation of kidney stones. Calcium participates in controlling the heart rate.

Magnesium - 5,230

Contributes to the proper functioning of the nervous system and muscle contraction. Fights fatigue and increases physical stamina. It is also found in vegetables.

Potassium - 1.790

Indicated in the prevention of stomach problems, fatigue, stress, reasoning difficulties, constitution of cardiac fibers and dehydration.

Sodium - 5,600

In low concentration, it replenishes and balances the loss of water in the body. Moisturizes and helps in nerve transmission and muscle contraction. Good for sportsmen.

Phosphate - 0,62

Phosphorus (P) is a chemical element that reacts very easily with others. For this reason it is not found naturally without being linked to some other element. It is also one of the most essential components in nature - to give you an idea, it boasts the second place (just behind calcium) in abundance in human tissues.

Bicarbonate - 80,54

The most important bicarbonate is sodium bicarbonate. Due to its relatively low solubility, it is an intermediate in the process of obtaining carbonates, effective in combating stomach diseases, more specifically the excess secretion of hydrochloric acid. Indicated for stomach diseases, gastritis, gastroduodenal ulcers, hepatitis and diabetes. Aids digestion.

Fluoride - 0,07

Contribute to teeth health and growth. Prevents anemia and reduces the chance of osteoporosis.

Nitrate - 11,67

Nitrate concentration is a good indicator of water purity.

Chloride - 4,55

The consumption of magnesium chloride strengthens the immune system, in addition to being useful for preventing colds and flu.

Barium - 0,015

It favors digestion and helps filter excess fat in the blood.

Strontium - 0,234

Important for the hardening of bones and teeth. It also contributes to bone formation.

Bromide - 0,03

Acts as an oxidizing agent.

Vanadium - 0,010

Mineral with important medicinal properties.

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Av. das Mangueiras,10 - Jardim São Pedro. 
Águas Santa Bárbara/ SP -  Cep. 18770-000             

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Portaria de LAVRA nº: 492 de 02/09/92 
Depto. Nac. de Produção Mineral (DNPM): Processo nº 820.029/82 
Alvará  DNPM nº 6976 de 30/9/88

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